Hike thing

So today we went on an AFS excursion sort of thing to hike a mountain in Lecco. It was SO beautiful... the view from the top, unexplainable. Beauty beauty beauty... Italy is sooo full of it. Clear skies, HOT sun (no mi piace), beautiful towns... the towns were nestled in between the mountains! That was super cool to see :) Ale and Andrea came with me, and most of the exchange students also came with their parents and brothers/sisters. I love being together in a group with the exchangers because it just reminds me that we're not all alone all the time... We went to Lecco for a long time... from 9 am till 5 pm! I was sooo tired all day but really happy to go.
New Developments in my life -
- My advisor, Francesca, is AWESOME. She keeps me sane around my family who drives me CRAZY sometimes... she is genuinely a really cool person to be around :D
- I'm gonna kill the dog. Really. She eats my socks... like swallows them and then regurgitates them so they are disgusting and slobbery... she routinely wakes us up at 6:45/7 am by whining and barking... for 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT...
-I hate cleaning. Making my bed everyday... making sure everything in my general vicinity is always clean and tidy... It's not bad? But how is something that is as clean as a hotel supposed to feel like home? Io non capito (i don't understand)
(sorry for the ranting but sometimes you have to GET IT OUT)
- Family here is SOOOOO FREAKING DIFFERENT! It's not like it's a bad different... but its SO EFFIN different. No laying down on the couch... wearing shoes in the house, telling everybody where you go when you leave... One day I went out for a walk, just walked out of the house and started walking.. when my brother stuck his head out the window and was like "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" and I was like... uh, I don't know.. and he insisted on me telling him where I was going when I honestly DIDN'T know. That just IRRRRKS ME! When I got back my mother talked to me about how "italians are very interested in each other's lives!" I also recognize that I have been brought up completely differently... its just weird having family dinners and having to sit at a table for like, 2 hours. Blerrrrg! I gues every afs'er goes thru family problems at some point... and I know I'm not alone, I just wish there was something about it :/
But not to end on a bad note, here are some AWESOME PICTURES!!!
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