So I realize I kind of cheated everyone out of a full blog post last time... but I was really homesick/tired. So today is Wednesday! Which would normally be a whooooo humpday! - back home. Here I have the lovely, everpresent SATURDAY SCHOOL! YAY! Blarrrrg. On Friday we're having the manifestation and I'll be sure to write about that but until then I don't think anything too interesting is happening. Sohoho this week we do not have Italian lessons, because the teacher is out. This means that I don't have to go to the duomo after school.. which feels weird. Oh well. Last night me and my sister went out with her friends... I was sooo bored after a ridiculous 6 hour day of school and then nothing at night, so we left about 10 and ended up at Parco Pagano. Parco Pagano is basically the coolest. place. ever. It has a platform of trampolines. Big, huge, awesome trampolines, and all we had to do was jump thru a hole in the fence. This was ammazingggly fun and I was so happy because I haven't jumped on trampolines since back home!! These were wayyyy bouncier though, like the gymnastic ones (they were square too). So trampolines are awesome and I forever love them. Other fun things....
1) Bastardi senza gloria (Inglorious Basterds). Nonna and I went to the english version... well at least I thought it was the english version. And apparently it is, however, the english version also includes a majority of the movie being in french and german with italian subtitles. It made loads of sense, yeah. It was really funny though.
2) Motorcycles. Enough said.
3) School is terrible. I have a feeling that even when I understand it I will not like it, because school is a mean mean mean thing.
4) My italian teacher at school also thinks that I have no friends; thus she held my class back from the bell and told them to be nice to me and help me make friends. Glad my teachers have such confidence in me, HA.

Haven't really got anything else to report, other than the fact that boys here are really really good looking. But I'm sure everybody knew that.
:D Ciao ciao, Katie
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