So just a couple days ago I got my host family :) Im so happy to be saying that I'm going to MILAN! I come from a town with 8,000 people so living in the second biggest city in Italy is going to be AWESOME! Also, my mother lived in Milan when she went to Italy in college so it will be verycool to be able to see what she did. I have a dad named Andrea (who I first thought was my mom, sorry pappa!), a mamma named Alessandra, and older brother named Lorenzo, and a sister who is younger than me by one year named Francesca. I'm so excited to live there! They have a 130 sq. meter flat in like, the MIDDLE of the city and I am unsure if it gets any luckier than that! They live right next to San Siro, a HELLA famous soccer stadium! They also have a little dog named Isobel which is really cool because I'm going to miss my pets a lot when I leave. All my friends are waiting anxiously for their host families and I didn't even know I had one until me and my dad went to make a payment on my tuition and I said .. that link wasn't there before.. It was really funny because I started screaming and it was in his work office and then I went downstairs where my friend Mary, who is going to argentina for a year with afs, works and I told her and she freaked out! We danced around the store where she works and all the tourists looked at us like we were freaks :P but it's okay, because I'm going to MILANO! Words cannot even express how excited I am. I have been talking to Francesca on facebook and Alessandra over email and they sound SO nice and I can't wait to meet them and I think we're going to get along great! I am also getting my visa done... I think it is a lot easier for people that live in Alaska because we just fill out a bunch of paper work, send it to AFS, and they go get the actual visa for us. I would have to fly to San Fransisco to get it myself so I am very grateful they do this. Other than that I have just been working and reading blogs, and looking up EVERYTHING about Milan that I can possibly find on the internet and it is awesome. I can't wait to leave and I only have 71 days left! I hope it goes quickly!!!