So... my countdown is down to 10 days (my friend Abby and I are leaving early)!!! Abby (friend from Juneau, also going to Italy) and I are headed down to a Seattle music fest called Bumbershoot... having never been to a "real" concert in my whole life I'm pretty excited. Black Eye'd Peas, Katy Perry, All American Rejects, Michael Franti..it's gonna be pretty awesome. From there we will go to New York to spend a day with a friend in Brooklyn, then the JFK hotel on the 9th!! It's approaching so fast and I haven't even started to pack! Uhoh... school here beings tomorrow and I'm going for a week and a half so I can see some friends before I leave... but I'm hoping time will fly by after that :) I also have been working TONS down at a fish plant at night, packing fish and helping out. It's a mega fun job and I love working at night.. plus the money is nice too :P
Well I'm off to do other things!
Xoxo Katie