Ohhhh mio dio. Blogs are getting harder and harder to write, because most of the time I just want to keep living and not keep a record of it but I'm sticking it thru because 1) i need an english credit 2) i'm sure I'll be happier when I'm done. Also, I loved reading the blogs of people that were in Italy while I was waiting to go to Italy so if you are preparing to go... I hope you enjoy :)
So on Wednesday I had the fannnntastic opportunity to go to a Lily Allen Concert. It was completely legit. Alcatraz, the place where the concerto was held, is a realllly big dance hall/disco/bar place. I went with Mollie (from USA), Tonje (Norway), and Vale (an AFS advisor from Monza). It was AWESOME!!!! She was about 45 minutes late on the stage, and I couldn't feel my feet, but other than that it was really cool. We were right up front.. it was also really funny because while she was singing she started smoking. And I don't know maybe it's just me but I've never really heard of someone who earns a living depending on their voice smoking, but apparently that works well... haha. Here are some picturesss of that.

Soooo.... this last weekend was Halloween. Now, everyone I talked to said Halloween in Italy was not a big deal. They obviously don't know what Halloween in Alaska is like. My school friends and I decided to go to a hugeee disco called Limelight, but it was less of a disco and more of a rave when we got there. There were SO MANY PEOPLE. It everybody pushing to get thru the door, and even though we had a table we waited an hour and a half in a mosh pit type of line to get in. Not only is Halloween a big deal for the discos in general the DJ at Limelight was Christian Marchi, who you may know as singing Love, Sex, American Express (house music haha) so that made it even MORE popular. Everyone was either dressed hella funky for Halloween or super nice because Limelight has a dress code, either way it was completely crazy but soooo much fun. I'll try to link in a movie one of my friends took. Before the disco was so much fun, my friend Christina, Selene, and I went to Federica's house to get ready. We all looked quite great before we got to the disco, those things are REALLY FREAKING HOT. Here's a video of it just to give you a small idea of how many people were there.

This was ONE PART.
It was definetly a great Halloween though :D
It was also my first three day weekend! No school on Saturday (Halloween), Sunday (Normal), and Monday (All Saint's Day). I really really really LOVE no school. Also, yesterday (Tuesday) was my host sister's 16th birthday! As a special gift, my host mom got us tickets to one of the biggest games in Milan, AC Milan vs. Real Madrid. That was soooo much fun! Calcio, soccer is called. Before I came I thought it was pronounced cal e co. Apparently it is pronounced Calcho. Which explains why nobody knew what I was talking about. I thought it was going to be a bit more different than it actually was... First we walked in and found our seats. Then we got kicked out of our seats because apparently they were the wrong ones. Then we found new seats! Ha. Everyone cheered and screamed when the soccer players came out, but when the game started everybody sat down, kind of like they were at a classical concert or watching theater or something! I thought that people would be like, jumping and cheering for their team but it was sooo different it was almost quiet-ish. The only time people got up and got really excited was when a goal was being made or about to be made... then everyone went crazyyy. The game tied 1-1 :( but it was really cool to go and I can see that italians really love their soccer. It's also kind of unfair because I have not met a single italian that cannot kick a ball right. Even though the girls don't play soccer or whatever, they are all good at kicking the ball! All italians are good at soccer WHERE IS THE JUSTICE. Anywhooooo one thing that a lot of italians aren't the greatest at is running... more on that. Today I did a school run, called campus campestra or something I don't know but a lot of people from my school did it. It was a 2 kilometer (little over a mile) run in a park.. not very long huh? Wroooong. First, apparently this is a REALLY long distance. Also, right before the race everyone finishes their cigarettes and then goes and gets in line to run. After the race, everyone is hacking and coughing and some people are crying because it was so hard. I love it though it is kind of hilarious :P Italy is also really beautiful in autumn. I've never seen real autumn before because all the trees we have in Alaska are spruce? So leaves never fall... because we don't have any.. here the leaves are always falling and it's windy and wonderful and bellissima always and I quite love this city.

It's also really hard to upload a lot of photos on here, so if you have a facebook add me @ Katie Riley.
Ciao.... until next time!
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